The Norland Pub & Restaurant

6215_133423218081_1189307_nThe Norland Pub is a family friendly bar/restaurant with a wide selection located at 454 Norland Avenue in Chambersburg, PA. Also make sure you check out our new location the Norland Grille on Route 11 Chambersburg. Give us a call at 717-264-9115.

Appetizers-Burgers-Wraps-Norland Wings-Pub Pizza-Soups-Salads-Classics-Entrees-Sides and Extras-Desserts 

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The Norland Grille & Pizza Shop

318130_352016784872019_743225372_nThe Norland Grille is a restaurant specializing in our sigmature dishes as well as the authentic Edith’s style pizza recipe. Located at 883 S. Main Street in Chambersburg, PA the Norland Grille has a cozy feel, along with an amazing staff. Give us a call at 717-446-0357 to make a reservation.

Appetizers-Burgers-Wraps-Norland Wings-Edith’s Pizza-Soup-Salads-Entrees-Sides and Extras-Desserts

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